Vayne Counter – How To Counter Vayne Easily

Hello! I know you are in trouble fighting against for Vayne Counter. There are many possible reasons that might leave you in trouble obviously. She is a great fighter; she can extremely damage you from top to bottom. All you need is a good counter pick for Vayne counter, a good playing skills or ideas and you should know about her before going to fight against her or else it is not possible to counter Vayne. She is the night hunter and she has many super powers that she can beat you easily if you don’t know her abilities and you are beginner.

Vayne Counter

So let’s learn here about Vayne counter, if you are struggling and greatly losing against her, you should go through this article in terms to counter Vayne. Here you will find some worthy tricks and tips to fight against her and that will help you out to win against her.  So keep reading to know the strong champion’s weakness for proper use of your powers.

Shauna Vayne – The Night Hunter:

Vayne! She is the night hunter. Did you wonder how? Yes, the world is not as civilized as you think. There are many black magics that some people are searching for and Shauna Vayne one of them. She became corrupted by the black magic that she thinks her world is perfectly safe. But one day a witch take interest in her family then tortures her family and killed her family. A burning hatred was created in her and the revenge start from that day.

Her power is legendary now, a grim warrior and with her dark magic her power is on the prowl. She became the bravest night hunter.

Vayne Counter : How To Counter Vayne ?

In terms to counter Vayne you must know about her skills and abilities, also you should know about her weakness to use your power and tricks wisely. So here in below I have pointed out about her weakness and strength. Also, you will find here best counter picks for countering Vayne.

Strength and Abilities of Vayne:

  • Night Hunter: This power helps her to gain its movement speed by 30 times when she is about to attack you or your counter pick champion. At the final stage this power boost into triple, from 30 to 90.

Range: 2000

  • Tumble: To deal bonus physical damage, this is her basic attack within 7 seconds. She rolls very quickly toward the cursor’s that helps her to harm you firmly.
  • Silver Bolts: For up to 3 seconds with Vayne’s Silver Attack she can mark you as her target for her basic attacks. Silver target to deal huge damage on you and you should try to avoid her Silver Bolts to stay on rebel.
  • Condemn: She can fire a heavy bolt on you that can deal huge physical damage to you. Knocking them back and deals huge damages. If you collide with terrain and wall, you will be impaled and dealing bonus damage and stunning.
  • Final Hour: With the final hour she prepares herself for an epic confrontation, goes invisible during Tumble and she gains boost in attack damage. Form night hunter she tripled the bonus movement speed.

counter vayne

Counter Picks to Counter Vayne : Yes, this is very important to counter a champion with a good counter, otherwise your all work or tricks would be worthless. Choosing a strong defensive champion for Vayne would help you stand strong against here. So check it out best counter pick for Vayne counter.

Vayne Strong Against Vayne Weak Against
Tahm Kench Twitch
Alistar Caitlyn
Cho’Gath Quinn
Ezreal Corki
Renekton Taric
Volibear Sona

This table is for you, for the best counter pick in term to counter Vayne. This is important to choose a good counter pick; you should not go with Tahm Kench, Alistar, Cho’Gath, Ezreal, Renekton and Volibear. These champions are weak compare to Vayne but with champions like Twitch, Caitlyn, Quinn, Corki, Taric and sona are strong against Vayne. These champions can help you to beat Vayne in the battle.

Reading above you have got in-depth details of Vayne and make her counter, it will help you to counter her with ease, not these informations going to be work for countering Vayne. If you are here for the counter then you must be having good playing skill with above counter picks. Give your full form and feel the taste of victory against Vayne.

If you wish to see a video guide then have a look on the below video guide:

I hope you have liked my tips and tricks for Vayne counter. This would help you to fight against Vayne in full form and you can easily target her. If you have any queries related with how to counter Vayne then you can communicate me by commenting below in the comment box; I will be please to assist you as much as possible. Thank for reading this article, will come with more Champion’s counter tips and tricks. Keep following our site.

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